For starters...

In order to join the group, we ask that you have a flight suit, boots and a belt. This doesn't have to be screen accurate or top of the line either. Khaki Is standard for GB1 and navy for GB2.

  • Flight Suit - Eventually you will want to get a real flight suit as it is what was used In the movies. But there are options:

    • Spirit of Halloween Costume - On the plus side the comes with additional Items like elbow pads and patches. On the minus side they aren't built to stand up to multiple uses.

    • TRU-SPEC Flight Suit - It's what the pros wear! While it's not 100% screen accurate, it's what all of the hip Ghostbusters are wearing.

  • Boots - Footwear Is Important and having the right footwear is crucial, especially when doing all-day conventions or parades.

    • Military Boots - Just your basic military style boot. If you would prefer to find them already broken in, a quick trip to the local military surplus store might be In order.

    • Side Zip Boots - More expensive but technically more accurate.

    • Ankle Boots - While the traditional look is to tuck the flight suit into the boots, Dr. Venkman was a little more relaxed. As long as they are covered, who's the wiser?

  • Belt - Just your typical military style pistol belt. White or khaki Is what most Ghostbusters go with.

Another option Is to go to the one stop shop for Ghostbusters gear, GBFans.com. There you can find flight suits, belts and almost everything else you will need to complete your uniform.

Patches on uniform


Now that you have the basics, It's time to make It official.

  • Ghostbusters Patch - This goes on the right arm of the flight suit. There are tons of shops to purchase them, but this is one of our favorites.

  • Name Patch - Insert your name here. You could go with one of the guys or ladies from the movie, but are you cosplaying a character from a movie or are you yourself a Ghostbuster?

  • Austin Ghostbusters Patch - This goes on the left arm. Each state has at least one group. Texas has multiple and each group has their own patch. You can purchase one from us once you have been welcomed aboard.

  • GBFans.com also has patches to purchase on their site.

Complete the Look

Now you're starting to look like a real Ghostbuster! There are a few other things to really sell It and make sure you will be ready to troop with the best of us. This Is also where you start having options to either buy the items, or make them yourself.

  • Elbow Pads - These volleyball knee pads make excellent cushions to make sure you don't hurt your elbows when using the equipment. They also trap the heat in the flight suit.

  • Black Gloves - When you're not collecting ectoplasm, they look great tucked into your belt.

  • Belt Fobs - Useful for hanging your keys or neutrona wand from.

  • Leg Hose - Because you never know when something Is going to scare the... well, you know... out of you. They were on the GB1 uniform and absent on the GB2 uniform. The adapter is there on the flight suit In Afterlife, but Is missing the hose.

    • GBFans Leg Hose - If you plan on sewing It on the suit, this is the way to go. Make sure to grab the yellow hose as well.

    • DIY Leg Hose - If you don't mind doing a little sanding and painting, one of our group members can help you out with a 3D printed version. It also has a cap for the Afterlife look.

    • 3D Print Option - Have a 3D printer? Make one yourself!

  • Belt Gizmo - This important piece of equipment Is used to... it looks cool OK?

    • Etsy Purchase - If you want to purchase one, this is your best bet.

    • 3D Print Option - This Is going to take more than just 3D printed parts to complete, but you can do it!

  • PKE Meter Holster - Does what It says, holds the PKE meter on your belt.

  • Ghost Trap Holster - A fantastic addition to your uniform to carry your ghost trap or your neutrona wand If done right.

  • Lifegard II - Part of the GB2 uniform.

Scanning with a PKE Meter
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